Mobility is the new nobility

Use your FREE Tourist SIM number or any SMART Prepaid mobile number.

  • for 7 days:


    +1GB/day IG&FB&Tiktok

    Available also for TNT
    (for TNT+1GB/day video
    insted of IG/FB/Tiktok)


  • Tour


    +1GB/day video
    +1GB/day IG&FB&Tiktok
    100 mins trinet calls
    Unlimited allnet SMS


  • for 30 days:


    +1GB/day video
    Available also for TNT


  • Cross


    +1GB/day video
    Unlimited ALLNET
    calls & SMS




    +1GB/day video
    Unlimited ALLNET
    calls & SMS


+1GB FREE with any new Smart Prepaid SIM

Swipe BINGGO TOUR SmartTravel
Number of Days 7 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Data 6GB * 11GB * 9GB * Unlimited(speed reduces after 800mb/day) *
Video Data(Youtube, iflix, NBA, Cignal & iWant) 1GB/day 1GB/day 1GB/day 1GB/day
Additional Data 1GB IG+FB - - -
Call Minutes 100 minutesSmart, Sun, TNT - Unlimitedall networks Unlimitedall networks
Domestic SMS Unlimited - Unlimited Unlimited
Raffle Tickets 1 2 2 3
Discounts & Privileges Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Using your brand new FREE Tourist SIM gives you the maximum data in each product (6GB, 11GB, 9GB, 31GB) since the SIM provides 1GB of data free if it is topped up/loaded within 3 days of activation.  Using any other existing or previously used SIM or SMART mobile number will give you the data allocations indicated LESS 1GB, resulting in allocations of 5GB, 10GB, 8GB and 30GB respectively for the 348 pesos, 688 pesos, 848 pesos and 1848 pesos products offered.

FREE Tourist SIM

Frequently Asked Questions

The free Smart Tourist SIM is available for foreign tourists and OFWs. Qualified tourists and OFWs should present a copy of either their foreign passport, foreign resident card, Seaman’s book, or OFW card when they get a SIM from any of our authorized partners who are listed on this website,
The SIM is valid as long as you keep using it and adding top-up load to it. Once you stop using it and topping up, it can be reused within 6 months of the expiration of the last load credit. If you stop using it for a 6 month period, only then will it lose its validity.
This prepaid SIM works with most SIM-enabled smartphones, feature phones, tablets, and even pocket WiFis. It comes precut in regular, micro, and nano sizes. If used with a smartphone, you can use it for hotspot tethering so you can share your data with other devices. Just be mindful of your data cap limit. Be sure that your device is not locked to any telecommunications company and you have an open line ready for use with any SIM card.
First of all, you have the convenience of topping-up your load anytime, anywhere. You do not need to walk to a store when your load runs out in the middle of the night. You do not need any cash since you will use a cashless payment method, either your credit card, wechat or alipay wallet to pay for your load. We also have pre-selected and combined the best existing promotions from Smart to offer you with a simple, easy to navigate the menu. In addition, buying load from this site gives you other benefits such as discounts and raffle tickets.
The prices of the products 348, 688, 848 and 1848 are all-inclusive and no additional fees will be added to your purchase upon checkout. These prices already include credit card settlement charges, taxes, online transaction service fees, etc.
Yes, you may. Just put any Smart prepaid number in the top-up bar on our homepage and the top-up load you purchase will go the number specified.
You are eligible for the discounts as long as your load (that is purchased from this website) lasts. If you purchased the 7 day product, then you are eligible for discounts for 7 days. If you purchased the 30 day product, then you are eligible for discounts for 30 days. Simply show the discount authorization SMS you received when you topped-up to the partner vendor to avail of the discount.3
No, you may not make an International Direct Dial (IDD) call using these products, but you may, instead use your data to make calls to people in other countries using messaging apps such as whatsapp, messenger, viber, skype, wechat, line or kakaotalk.
The Open Data allocation for the entire period of the product you buy (7 days or 30 days) can be used for anything, including web surfing, emailing, or using any of your favorite apps like wechat, kakaotalk, whatsapp, viber, line, etc. The additional data is a daily allocation for a specific use. For example, in addition to the 6GB open data allocation that comes with the 348 product, for 7 days, you get an additional 1 GB per day of video on Youtube, iflix, NBA, Cignal & iWant AND an additional 1 GB per day of Facebook and/or Instagram usage.
The 1848 product is composed of a combination of the following promos from Smart: Surfmax999 and Giga Video + Allnet 649. Therefore, it gives you the benefits of the Surfmax promo which is Unlimited Data, however, it is capped at 800mb per day at normal speed, and after this is consumed, your data connection will slow down (but not completely cut off). The Surfmax normal speed connection will reactivate every 12 midnight. However, since you also have the Giga+449 loaded as part of this product, whenever you reach 800mb before 12 midnight, instead of slowing down, your Giga+ data will now kick in, allowing you to maintain normal speed. When the clock strikes 12 midnight, then you will automatically revert back to your Surfmax promo connection. In addition to the 800mb/day that Surfmax gives you for 30 days, Giga+ gives you 4GB, and your free Tourist SIM gives you 1GB free if you top-up/load within 3 days of activation. Hence that gives you a total of 29GB of normal speed connection for 30 days, and in case you consume all that data, you still should have a data connection, although it would be very slow.

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